Christianity in Turkey and the Middle East | Opinion – Daily Sabah

Christian minorities living in the Middle East, the birthplace of the religion, aim to maintain their culture on the axis of the Muslim majority. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, they attempted to obtain their social rights while being divided into scattered communities. Christians, who reside in various places from Turkey to Egypt, are …

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Turkey: Unopposed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

The re-emergence of Turkey as a major military power has altered the dynamics of the Mediterranean, bringing together a diverse set of allies whose interests are threatened by prospective Turkish expansion. However, the gap in military power between Turkey and its adversaries is growing with few demonstrable measures taken by Mediterranean powers to compensate and …

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Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean Strategy Is Not About Natural Gas

What Erdogan Really Wants in the Eastern Mediterranean Turkey’s adventures abroad are about more than hydrocarbons. They’re a bold and expensive attempt at geopolitical revisionism. In an episode that has tediously repeated itself several times since July, Turkey’s seismic-survey ships and navy vessels clash with Greek authorities while probing for hydrocarbons in waters off the …

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Turkey slams Egypt FM’s remarks about its role in Syria – Middle East Monitor

“These accusations are made up of delusions which cannot be taken seriously, whereas our country had martyrs in the fight against terrorism in Syria, embraced almost 4 million Syrians, protects the people from a cruel regime and terrorists in the north of Syria, and made concrete contribution to the political process both in Geneva and within Astana platform,” Aksoy said in a statement.

The Turkish official added that Egypt’s responsibility is to listen to the expectations of the peoples and “serve to sustainable peace, security and stability in the region, instead of acting as the flag-bearer of the oppressive regimes, putschist parallel structures and terrorist organisations”.

Erdogan is planning a new world order in which Turkey is the rising star – – Analysis

All methods, including terrorism, attempts at revolution, economic traps, attempts to isolate us, were intended to remove Turkey from its goals. “We succeeded in thwarting all those attacks and schemes. Most international organizations and states claiming to carry the flag of democracy have displayed their true colors when they applied a double standard in Turkey,” Erdogan said in a speech. a press conference after the cabinet session.

Turkey is getting bigger and stronger and its areas of interest are growing with it, he said. Whether it is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war in Libya and Nago-Karabakh, the search for oil in the Mediterranean, the Kurds in Syria or the defense pact with Qatar, Erdogan promises that Turkey will be everywhere and no one will stop it.

Gas fields and tensions in the eastern Mediterranean –

The discovery in recent years of huge natural gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean has whetted the appetite of nearby countries but exacerbated geopolitical tensions between Turkey and its neighbours. Relations have been strained in recent months following Turkish exploration and drilling operations in waters claimed by both Cyprus and Greece. Here is the latest …

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Egypt pushes for progress on Syria talks, inciting Turkish anger – The Jerusalem Post

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry supports a political settlement for the Syrian crisis and has rejected “foreign intervention” in the country. The later comment has enraged Ankara because it highlights Turkey’s destabilizing role in northern Syria, where extremists operate in areas occupied by Turkey. Ankara says it is merely guaranteeing security and that it is not against Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.