How Universities on Cyprus Have Joined the Human Trafficking Game – InfoMigrants

Even though the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has a population of merely 326,000, it boasts 21 universities which are largely only recognised by itself and by its big brother, Turkey.

The universities try to attract foreign students with degree programs, which often only serve as a pretext to get people much closer to the external borders of the EU.

Turkey to hold next Efes-2022 military exercises in June |

The next stage of the Efes-2022 military exercises conducted by the Turkish Armed Forces with the participation of Azerbaijani servicemen will be held in the second week of June, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said, Report informs via Anadolu. According to the ministry, servicemen of Italy, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Albania, Kazakhstan, …

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Pakistan: A Nuclear Weapons Nightmare – The National Interest

Pakistan is clearly developing a robust nuclear capability that can not only deter but fight a nuclear war. It is also dealing with internal security issues that could threaten the integrity of its nuclear arsenal. Pakistan and India are clearly in the midst of a nuclear arms race that could, in relative terms, lead to absurdly high nuclear stockpiles reminiscent of the Cold War. It is clear that an arms-control agreement for the subcontinent is desperately needed.

Is Turkey remodeling Pakistan’s soft power? – The Nation

Erdogan’s Turkification process, and expansionist ideas may just be the key, to the beginning of the secularization of Pakistani society. Turkey, though a country which prides itself of its Islamic history and culture, is still secular; a 1928 amendment of the constitution, separated the religion of Islam from the Turkish state. The Turkish constitution also recognises freedom of religion, ultimately displaying itself as a state which values tolerance and pluralism. Turkey has suffered less from religious sectarian conflict, and welcomes tourists from all over the world to enjoy its paramount beauty and rich culture of the Ottoman Empire.