Syrians at Greece border; “remarkable” changes by Turkish authorities – Enab Baladi

The migration path has witnessed an unprecedented turn on the Turkish side since the beginning of last September in dealing with refugees seeking to reach Europe by land through the border line separating Greece. This coincided with the launch of calls to organize a campaign of mass migration to Europe called the “Caravan of Light.” …

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Russia-Turkey: Gas partnership as an answer to Western sanctions – Modern Diplomacy

The Russo-Ukrainian crisis, which started on 24 February 2022, brought war back to Europe. This war has visibly impacted the energy nerve of Europe as Russia is the primary exporter of energy, for – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), oil and solid fossil fuel. Germany, in particular, had maintained a pro-longed diplomatic front in a bid …

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The Libyan EEZ challenge –

Israel should reject Turkey’s claims in the Eastern Mediterranean. (November 23, 2022 / Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security) Israel’s recent rapprochement with Turkey need not preclude Jerusalem taking a firm stand on Ankara’s claims in the Eastern Mediterranean. Indeed, Israel must again reject the Memorandum of Understanding signed in October between Turkey and the …

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Albanian leader Rama becomes Erdoğan’s pasha – Turkish Minute

Albania’s charismatic Prime Minister Edi Rama, the only Albanian prime minister in history to have won three parliamentary elections in a row, has been hard at work establishing a personal friendship with Turkey’s autocratic leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The Albanian government’s decision to shut down schools affiliated with the faith-based Gülen movement came as a …

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Cyprus: Statement of the Spokesperson on the observer status for Turkish Cypriot secessionist entity in Organisation of Turkic States | EEAS Website

The European Union rejects the statements by Türkiye about the acceptance of the Turkish Cypriot secessionist entity, the so-called, internationally not recognised, “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, as an observer in the Organisation of Turkic States. …

The EU is fully committed to a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality, in accordance with the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions and in line with the EU acquis and the principles on which the EU is founded. There is no alternative to it.

Even If Turkey Gets Modernized F-16s, Greece Will Still Have A Technological Edge In Airpower – Forbes

Either way, Turkey will still have difficulty overcoming the substantial technological edge the HAF will likely attain by 2030.

Even if Turkey fields 120 Block 70/72 F-16s (40 brand new and 80 upgraded), they will be up against 84 HAF Block 72 Vipers (all in service no later than the second half of 2027), 20-40 F-35s, and, at the very least, 24 Rafales. In other words, no fewer than 128 HAF fighters with equal or superior capabilities to Turkey’s very best jets.

And even if Turkey buys a squadron or two of advanced Eurofighters in addition to its modernized F-16s, the HAF will most likely retain this technological edge.

As NATO Capitulates Before Turkey, Western Hypocrisy on Human Rights Enters New Low – News18

Seen as a rogue outlier in Nato, Turkey found and acted upon the opportunity to get the West to support its military operation in northern Syria. Turkish forces and alleged mercenaries occupy parts of this region. A vast array of human rights abuses was reported during the peak of its military intervention and Ankara faced condemnation from the Western world. All major NATO members including Germany, France, UK and Canada have refused arms sales to Erdogan’s Turkey. Tensions further escalated when Turkey stepped up its belligerence towards fellow Nato member Greece in the eastern Mediterranean and the West largely backed Athens through this tussle. The list of Turkey’s excesses can go on, but the West has decided to overlook all that now. US President Biden’s own stance on Turkey used to be one of admonishment. Today, that seems to change with Ankara’s new leverage in the game.