Syrians at Greece border; “remarkable” changes by Turkish authorities – Enab Baladi

The migration path has witnessed an unprecedented turn on the Turkish side since the beginning of last September in dealing with refugees seeking to reach Europe by land through the border line separating Greece. This coincided with the launch of calls to organize a campaign of mass migration to Europe called the “Caravan of Light.” …

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The Libyan EEZ challenge –

Israel should reject Turkey’s claims in the Eastern Mediterranean. (November 23, 2022 / Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security) Israel’s recent rapprochement with Turkey need not preclude Jerusalem taking a firm stand on Ankara’s claims in the Eastern Mediterranean. Indeed, Israel must again reject the Memorandum of Understanding signed in October between Turkey and the …

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Cyprus: Statement of the Spokesperson on the observer status for Turkish Cypriot secessionist entity in Organisation of Turkic States | EEAS Website

The European Union rejects the statements by Türkiye about the acceptance of the Turkish Cypriot secessionist entity, the so-called, internationally not recognised, “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, as an observer in the Organisation of Turkic States. …

The EU is fully committed to a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality, in accordance with the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions and in line with the EU acquis and the principles on which the EU is founded. There is no alternative to it.

Even If Turkey Gets Modernized F-16s, Greece Will Still Have A Technological Edge In Airpower – Forbes

Either way, Turkey will still have difficulty overcoming the substantial technological edge the HAF will likely attain by 2030.

Even if Turkey fields 120 Block 70/72 F-16s (40 brand new and 80 upgraded), they will be up against 84 HAF Block 72 Vipers (all in service no later than the second half of 2027), 20-40 F-35s, and, at the very least, 24 Rafales. In other words, no fewer than 128 HAF fighters with equal or superior capabilities to Turkey’s very best jets.

And even if Turkey buys a squadron or two of advanced Eurofighters in addition to its modernized F-16s, the HAF will most likely retain this technological edge.

Erdogan says no meeting until Greek PM “pulls himself together” | Reuters

Historic rivals, Turkey and Greece have been at odds over issues ranging from overflights and the status of Aegean islands, maritime boundaries and hydrocarbon resources in the Mediterranean, and ethnically-split Cyprus.

Tensions flared again recently over air space and the status of demilitarised islands in the Aegean. Erdogan has said Mitsotakis “no longer exists for him” after the Greek premier lobbied for the United States not to sell Turkey F-16 fighter jets during a speech at the U.S. Congress.

As Turkey gets Biden backing for F-16s, Greece steals Erdogan thunder by moving for F-35s – bne IntelliNews

Turkey’s hopes that developments at this week’s Nato Madrid summit moved it closer to obtaining F-16 warplanes from the US were on June 20 tempered by an announcement that regional arch-rival Greece has sent an official request to Washington for the acquisition of 20 of the world’s most advanced fighter plane, the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth jet.

Ankara remains unable to get its hands on the scores of F-35s it has ordered. It remains locked out of the F-35 development programme, with US and Nato officials saying they are concerned that S-400 advanced missile defence systems bought from the Kremlin by Turkey could pose a security threat to F-35 perfo

Turkey: Jihad against Cyprus :: Gatestone Institute

Turkey is now using the distraction of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a cover to increase its likelihood of officially annexing Cyprus’s north. On April 14, a protocol was signed between Turkey and the illegal Turkish de facto regime that has been ruling occupied northern Cyprus. Although Turkey has already forcibly altered the demography of Cyprus through the ethnic cleansing campaign, the new protocol gives Turkish nationals even easier access to the region.

The protocol also stipulates the strengthening of the Religious Affairs Department in the area, as well as building religious complexes, such as mosques, and restoring Turkish-Islamic heritage sites. The protocol makes no secret of Turkey’s intention to annex the north. The introduction states, “the island of Cyprus has been a part of Anatolia politically and culturally since 1571.” 1571 is when the Ottoman Empire began occupying Cyprus.