Juan de Fuca Looking for the Northwest Passage | Evrydiki Livada, Pedro Olalla

Documentary film (32 min.) Ioannis Apostolos Fokas (c.1532-c.1602) -known in historical sources as Juan Griego or Juan de Fuca- was a navigator of Greek origin, left out by history despite the relevance of his actions, who, for more than forty years, served the Spanish Empire as master, pilot and explorer in the ships of Charles …

Juan de Fuca Looking for the Northwest Passage | Evrydiki Livada, Pedro Olalla Read More »

Spain’s ‘enhancing ties with Turkey’ can only serve to strengthen Erdoğan’s oppressive rule | Ahval

Amid its ever-deepening foreign policy mess that has alienated the entire political establishment in Washington D.C, raised the tension in Eastern Mediterranean, and sanctions against it across the Atlantic, Turkey’s troubled government seems to have found a useful ally for its continuity: Spain. If the process of this rapprochement – which is a visible counter-dynamic …

Spain’s ‘enhancing ties with Turkey’ can only serve to strengthen Erdoğan’s oppressive rule | Ahval Read More »

Turkey’s problem with Europe is not just about Macron – Ahval

“Despite Macron’s relentless tirades against Turkey and its President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the common view within Ankara’s policy circles is that “it is just Macron who has problems with Turkey,” not the French public”, Ufuk Necat Taşcı, a Middle East and North Africa relations analyst, stated.

This seems like wishful thinking, as the Turkish government’s problems with the European Union go much further than Macron, a leader who wants to act as a lightning rod for discontent within the EU towards Turkish foreign policy in order to stamp France’s authority on the bloc’s foreign policy.

Erdogan is planning a new world order in which Turkey is the rising star – – Analysis

All methods, including terrorism, attempts at revolution, economic traps, attempts to isolate us, were intended to remove Turkey from its goals. “We succeeded in thwarting all those attacks and schemes. Most international organizations and states claiming to carry the flag of democracy have displayed their true colors when they applied a double standard in Turkey,” Erdogan said in a speech. a press conference after the cabinet session.

Turkey is getting bigger and stronger and its areas of interest are growing with it, he said. Whether it is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war in Libya and Nago-Karabakh, the search for oil in the Mediterranean, the Kurds in Syria or the defense pact with Qatar, Erdogan promises that Turkey will be everywhere and no one will stop it.

East Med cannot poison other relations, says Spanish envoy – Turkey News

“We don’t believe in sanctions, what we believe is that we have to offer Turkey, a possibility of approaching the union, a perspective,” said

Hergueta adding EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell “has a mandate of the council precisely to explore that.”
“The way to explore it is that we accelerate the starting or the restarting of negotiations in certain aspects that we have pending, like, for example, visas, the migration issue, and the agreement on the Customs Union,” he said.

The envoy said the Customs Union agreement is very important for both Turkey and EU countries because it is the instrument to speed economic relations.
Hergueta said, many Spanish companies have been benefiting from the agreement.

Will Cyprus be back in Turkey’s crosshairs soon? – The Jerusalem Post

Over the years Turkey has gone through various manifestations of policies, from radical secularism aimed at joining NATO and then the EU, to pan-Turkish ethnocratic concepts and now to a toxic blend of militarism, an Islamist ruling party and Turkish nationalist policies. It is all stewed into a cauldron where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to stir the pot of crises every few weeks.

Five Countries Blocked EU Sanctions Against Turkey – Greek City Times

Turkey’s continuing provocation in the Eastern Mediterranean was not to be discussed at this Summit and the issue was reopened due to the insistence of the Greek Prime Minister and Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis. Finally, the European Council’s “strong disapproval” of the new unilateral and provocative actions of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, including recent research activities, was included in the Conclusions. There is also an explicit reference to the need for Turkey to respect Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789 on Varosha in occupied northern Cyprus. The European Council called on Turkey to reverse these actions and work to reduce tensions in a consistent and systematic manner, and warned that it would continue to monitor the issue closely.