Turkey blocks access to Deutsche Welle and Voice of America | AP News

ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s media watchdog has banned access to the Turkish services of U.S. public service broadcaster Voice of America and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, prompting criticism of censorship. The Supreme Board of Radio and Television enforced a February decision requiring international media that air television content in Turkish online to apply for a …

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Greece is already under occupation | Daily Sabah

The crisis culminated when Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis rushed to the United States recently and targeted Turkey in Congress. While the Turkish delegation was discussing the F-16s in the U.S., the Greek leader was trying to persuade Washington to embargo Ankara, a NATO ally and neighbor of Greece. It happened at a time when “third parties” were not included at the request of Athens in the mechanism between Greece and Turkey.

Following the move, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said “Mitsotakis no longer exists for me.” The president said that because he was clearly convinced that Athens did not have the will to conduct independent, equal diplomacy. Erdoğan’s harsh statement can also be seen as a reflection of his exhaustion in the face of such moves by Greek authoritie

Turkish media’s obsession with Greek islands | eKathimerini.com

And while this propaganda is strictly for domestic consumption, experienced analysts point out that similar discourses preceded both the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 – triggered and enabled by a coup organized by the Greek dictatorship of the time – and the occupation of one of the two Imia islets, in 1996.

Turkish Perceptions of the European Union 2022 | The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF)

The survey was carried out in 27 Turkish provinces between March 2 and 26, 2022 by means of face-to-face interviews, with 2,180 respondents representing Turkey’s adult population.

Turkey-EU relations have been marked by political crises. As a result, Turkey’s EU accession process has more or less been put on the back burner. However, since the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean began to decline in Autumn 2020, several high-level dialogue meetings have taken place between the two sides and relations have started to ease. Nevertheless, establishing a stable relationship and a positive agenda has yet to be achieved.

Disinformation has become a global security issue: Erdoğan | Daily Sabah

From being a mere national security issue, disinformation spreading through various outlets, including social media, has now morphed into a global security threat, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Saturday. “Lies, manufactured news, and disinformation spread rapidly through the use of social media,” the president said in a video message on the first day of the …

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Is Turkey remodeling Pakistan’s soft power? – The Nation

Erdogan’s Turkification process, and expansionist ideas may just be the key, to the beginning of the secularization of Pakistani society. Turkey, though a country which prides itself of its Islamic history and culture, is still secular; a 1928 amendment of the constitution, separated the religion of Islam from the Turkish state. The Turkish constitution also recognises freedom of religion, ultimately displaying itself as a state which values tolerance and pluralism. Turkey has suffered less from religious sectarian conflict, and welcomes tourists from all over the world to enjoy its paramount beauty and rich culture of the Ottoman Empire.

RSF and 10 other organisations warn European Union on Turkey – Reporters without borders (RSF)

The mission also met with representatives of 17 diplomatic missions in Turkey – a sign of the global concern over press freedom and the rule of law in Turkey – as well as the Delegation of the European Union. Mission members welcome the recent, unvarnished findings of the EU’s progress report on Turkey, which highlights a “serious backsliding” on freedom of expression. But the international community must step up its bilateral and multilateral efforts to bring Turkey back into the club of countries that respects the rule of law. Human rights issues, including press freedom, must not be held hostage to geopolitical developments.

Turkey is ranked 154th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index.