Debate on the reporting of refugees by SPIEGEL: The case of Maria – DER SPIEGEL

The Maria case – The Reappraisal In the summer, SPIEGEL published several articles about refugees at the border river Evros. We reported that a Syrian child had died because Greece had not provided assistance. After doubts arose, we went deep into the research again. 30/12/2022, 18:24 In the summer of 2022, DER SPIEGEL published three …

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Turkish FM admits maritime memorandum with Libya not an international agreement since UN-backed government not authorized to sign – Nordic Monitor

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said at a Tuesday parliamentary committee meeting on his ministry’s 2023 budget that a maritime agreement signed between Turkey and Libya in 2019 is merely a memorandum and that it can’t be approved by the Libyan parliament. Main opposition lawmaker and former ambassador Ünal Çeviköz had asked the minister what …

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Head of Greek Pomaks’ Association rips into Erdogan’s revisionist expansionism – To Vima Online

You forget, of course, that these islands have been Greek for thousands of years, many centuries before your ancestors for the first time in their history laid their eyes on the… blue colour of the Aegean.
The islands of Imvros and Tenedos were also Greek. Why do you not implement, correspondingly, the provisions of Article 14 of the Treaty of Lausanne?
[Article 14 stipulates: “The islands of Imbros and Tenedos, remaining under Turkish sovereignty, shall enjoy a special administrative organisation composed of local elements and furnishing every guarantee for the native non-Moslem population in so far as concerns local administration and the protection of persons and property. The maintenance of order will be assured therein by a police force recruited from amongst the local population by the local administration above provided for and placed under its orders. The agreements which have been, or may be, concluded between Greece and Turkey relating to the exchange of the Greek and Turkish populations will not be applied to the inhabitants of the islands of Imbros and Tenedos.”]

Greece is already under occupation | Daily Sabah

The crisis culminated when Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis rushed to the United States recently and targeted Turkey in Congress. While the Turkish delegation was discussing the F-16s in the U.S., the Greek leader was trying to persuade Washington to embargo Ankara, a NATO ally and neighbor of Greece. It happened at a time when “third parties” were not included at the request of Athens in the mechanism between Greece and Turkey.

Following the move, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said “Mitsotakis no longer exists for me.” The president said that because he was clearly convinced that Athens did not have the will to conduct independent, equal diplomacy. Erdoğan’s harsh statement can also be seen as a reflection of his exhaustion in the face of such moves by Greek authoritie

The new Western tool against Turkey | Daily Sabah

Nowadays, the only remaining problematic region in Turkish foreign policy is the Eastern Mediterranean, in which it conflicts with Greece. As a matter of the fact, the balance of power has changed in the region in favor of Turkey over the last two decades. Turkey has begun to play in a higher league, which creates more concerns in Greece, which has been exploiting the anti-Turkish perception in Western countries. Although Turkey has been insistently inviting Greece to the negotiation table in order to reach a peaceful solution in the region, Greece has been denying giving a positive answer. Instead, Greece has been trying to mobilize and provoke the Western world against Turkey.

Greece Warns Turkey: We Are Reaching the Limits of Our Patience – Greek Reporter

…he does not want to have an ally that conducts 40 plus overflights every day. “Not just incursions in our airspace, but overflights over inhabited areas. Sometimes overflights are taking place overnight. I wonder for what reason,” Panagiotopoulos stressed.

“It also feels peculiar to have an ally that calls for the demilitarization of our islands, arguing what? That if they are not demilitarized they are up for grabs? From whom? Are we going to lose them to someone else?” he wondered.

“These are not only unacceptable situations but completely absurd,” Panagiotopoulos said.

Greek FM: Turkey-Libya maritime MoU is both unlawful and illogical – 218 News

Dendias expressed his regret for the hostile approach and false allegations promoted by Ankara against his country, accusing the latter of ignoring the rights of Crete by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Libya, saying   that its legal status is similar to Greece’s “assumed” signing of an “assumed” agreement with Spain that ignores Italy’s presence in the middle between the two countries.