EU: Turkish Cypriots in split Cyprus must curb migrant flow | The New Arab

European Commission Vice President Margharitis Schinas said that Turkish Cypriot authorities should also be held accountable for curbing migrant arrivals.

“We won’t let the Turkish Cypriot community to consider itself neutral in what is going on,” Schinas said after visiting upgraded facilities at the Pournara migrant reception camp outside the capital. “They must also assume their share of responsibility and we’ll find a way to remind them.”

Cyprus-Invasion 1974: Incompetence of the Turkish army shocked NATO – WELT

Only a three-week ceasefire, which came about on July 22 under pressure from the USA and NATO, changed the situation. While the fall of the military junta in Athens completely eliminated Greece as a supporter, the Turks increased their troops for their “Operation Atilla II” on the island to 32,000 men, plus numerous tanks, armored troop carriers and guns. The 45,000 Greek Cypriot fighters had nothing to oppose them. Between August 13 and 17, the Turks captured the airfields of Nicosia and Tibou and occupied large parts of Nicosia. When a new truce came into effect, they controlled more than a third of the island and hailed the venture as a major victory.

Cyprus’s president sees parallel between Turkish and Russian ‘revisionism’ • FRANCE 24

Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis granted an interview to FRANCE 24 from the capital Nicosia. The northern third of the Republic of Cyprus has been under Turkish domination since 1974. Anastasiadis said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine uses the “exact same arguments that Turkey used to invade Cyprus”. Asked about tensions with Turkey over hydrocarbons, he expressed hope …

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US-Backed Kurdish-Led Forces Say Ready to Coordinate With Syrian Army Against Turkey – VOA

Any Turkish operation would attack the Kurdish YPG militia, a key part of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that controls large parts of north Syria and is regarded by Washington as an important ally against Islamic State. Ankara sees it as a terrorist group and extension of the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

A spokesman for the Turkey-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) said Russia was reinforcing positions near Tal Rifaat, Manbij, the southern outskirts of Kobani, and Ain Issa – all towns within 40 kilometers of the Turkish border.

“Since the announcement of the operation, the Syrian regime and its Iranian militias have mobilized and [are] sending reinforcements to the YPG,” Major Youssef Hammoud told Reuters.

Turkey is blackmailing NATO to justify its invasion of Syria – The Jerusalem Post

Turkey waited until the crisis with NATO to begin talk of a new invasion. It has done this in the past. In 2018, it worked with pro-Ankara voices in the Trump administration to get the White House to open the gates for invasions in Syria.

Turkey began in Afrin, getting backing from Russia – which backs the Syrian regime but also sells Turkey S-400s. So Moscow believed it could get Damascus to sacrifice Afrin, which was controlled by Kurdish groups, in exchange for Russia moving Turkey away from NATO.

Nationalists Are Exploiting Turkey’s Syrian Refugee Crisis | The National Interest

Turkey is currently run by an authoritarian regime that, until the country’s last elections, had retained popular support among the Turks. However, considering the government’s inability to address the migrant and economic crises, the Turks are fast moving away from Erdogan’s AK Party toward other parties, particularly those hostile against the refugees. Despite its melting support among the voters, the Erdogan regime denies this obvious fact, which hints that the regime may opt to rig the upcoming elections to remain in power.