Northern Cyprus government falls after PM’s ‘Varosha’ announcement with Erdoğan – Bianet

The government of Northern Cyprus has fallen after PM Ersin Tatar announced at a joint conference with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara that the Varosha (Maraş), an abandoned town since the 1974 war, would reopen tomorrow (October 8).

The People’s Party (HP), the coalition partner of Tatar’s National Unity Party (UBP), announced its withdrawal from the government today, saying that the PM did not inform them before the announcement.

Also noting that the announcement came just before Sunday’s (October 11) presidential election, it might be considered as an “interference with the elections,” said HP Chair Yenal Senin.

While they supported the move to reopen the coastal town, it was “impossible to remain silent and responsive to the recent events,” he said.

PM Tatar did not give any information to his government partner and also didn’t inform Kudret Özersay, the deputy PM and his rival in the presidential election, when he asked about the issue, Senin further said.

“… The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kudret Özersay, the architect of the opening of Maraş, have been bypassed,” he added.

“The current situation may be considered as an interference with the election but the breakdown of the state is important for us,” he also noted.

PM Tatar has denied that he didn’t inform the ministry and criticized the HP for withdrawing from the government.

The party’s decision was not right for the country, he said, noting that it came on the day of the completion of a water supplying project between Turkey and Northern Cyprus and the announcement of the reopening of Varosha.

“After the Presidential election, the National Unity Party will both put other coalition options and snap elections on its agenda and make the best decision for our people,” the PM remarked.

He also said that he informed FM Özersay as soon as the decision to open Varosha became certain.

“Our expectation is to gather in Maraş on Thursday regardless of our parties, and march in Maraş together,” Tatar remarked. (EKN/VK)

Source: Northern Cyprus government falls after PM’s ‘Varosha’ announcement with Erdoğan – english