Erdogan’s Wars… From Libya to Armenia – Asharq AL-awsat

Turkey’s Erdogan seeks to bring a second Ottoman Empire to life in the Caucuses and repeat the Armenian genocide. Turkey’s intervention in favor of Azerbaijan cannot enhance the region’s stability; indeed, it will complicate the situation, as stressed by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who said that “Turkey’s military intervention might exacerbate and internationalize the conflict.” In fact, Turkey has sabotaged all attempts at a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the disputed Armenian-majority region.

Erdogan’s multiple fronts are all being fought for oil, demonstrating that the Turkish president is merely greedy for it. He had been taking it from Syrian, buying it from ISIS at the cheapest of prices, and he tried to steal it from Libya and the countries of the Mediterranean by drawing and conjuring up fanciful maps that disregard history and geography. But he doesn’t stand a chance… Reality will trump his covetous ambitions soon.

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