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Is there a way out for Turkey? Yes, there is.

In the last couple of days Ankara realized it has no options but either to continue with its non-sense rhetoric and drive the country towards dismemberment, or compromise with Europe, the United States and NATO. In this context, Turkey has, with modest pride, watered-down its belligerent attitude towards the European Union, in particular Greece and France, which is being received by the block with reserved optimism.

Earlier this week, “New Europe Online” upload an analysis on the matter which went viral on the net (Turkey triggers the final dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire), which gave the overall picture of the Turkish impasse.

The road to democracy for Turkey is difficult.

It will be difficult for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to conceptualize that for everything there is a beginning, a middle and an end. That means his authoritarian rule has come to the end. He has either to channel a courageous top to bottom change towards democratization and turn Turkey from an Islamic threat to Europe into a bridge between Christian Europe and the Muslim world, or see the Kurdish city of Erbil become the capital of a new state.

Despite his arrogance, we trust that Erdogan is an intelligent patriot and will not let his country down.

It will be also difficult, even more difficult, for the democrats who will succeed him in power to behave democratically. If they want to Westernize Turkey, they must realize that in democracies, elected presidents, when they retire, are neither sent to jail nor to the firing squad. They go home.

This is the way. It is the best way forward for Turkey.

Source: The way forward for Turkey | New Europe