Erdogan condemned by Jewish leaders over Greece ‘Nazi’ slur – The Times

The Greek government has been backed by Jewish groups in condemning President Erdogan after he compared the country to the Nazis over its treatment of migrants.

Greece’s Central Jewish Council said his comments were “part of a wretched, perverse and calculated attempt to misinform and divert the public’s attention from his exploitation of innocent people for political gain”.

Tens of thousands of people have made their way to the Greek border, hoping to cross over into Europe, since Mr Erdogan announced he was opening the frontier 12 days ago; an attempt to force European countries to offer more support to the Turkish military operation in Idlib and for the estimated four million refugees Turkey is playing host to.

Greece responded by closing its land border

Hannah Lucinda Smith, Istanbul |Anthee Carassava, Athens

Source: Erdogan condemned by Jewish leaders over Greece ‘Nazi’ slur | World | The Times